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Why wouldn’t you use a Travel Professional?

I have been interested in travel for years. I have arranged travel for groups just because I have a large family and friends. We have traveled together for events like weddings etc… I did probably what you do. I looked at the sites and choose what I thought what were my best options. What I wasn’t realizing is, even though I did multiple searches, all that was available to me (and currently to you) are RETAIL options. I have since opened my own Travel Agency and now have the availability of WHOLESALE. We all know there is a world of difference between the two.

There is NO REASON to NOT use a Travel Agent. You save $$ and a lot of hassle. Do your own search if you like. Find your best travel option but then call me to see if I can beat it. I am pretty sure I can. Or you can just skip the hassle on the front end and call me from the get go. I get my commission from the travel companies – NOT on your dime. They pay me to find cheaper, better, more secured travel for you because they want me to come back again and again.

I have access to hidden market and I want you too as well. I used to work in Travel part time and did not have my own Agency. I am now full in and building my business by finding the best deals, providing the best service and passing that service and savings on to my clients.

All in all its pretty simple. Someone else pays me to find you the best travel situation. I provide you with your best options. You pay less than you would pay on your own and I do all of the work – because its my job. When you are ready to travel, whether its for Business, Leisure, Romance, or any type of specialized travel, contact me first. What have you got to loose?


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